“100% of our wholesale is run through the ACV Auction. I definitely trust ACV's process rather than the conventional auction. The ACV auction is more convenient.”

Chris Ducey University Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep and Ram

"ACV has been very convenient. Since we're a small store, it's a great way to bring the auction to us. I haven't seen any other auction that has condition reports on this level."

Shawn Kelly Den Kelly Chevy Buick GMC

"ACV Auctions can pay attention to details which a regular auction, many times, overlooks. I think they did huge steps to listen to dealers and make things better...the fees are cheaper, considerably cheaper than an auction."

Jacob Lavian Performance Motorcars

"We've tried it all and we've found that ACV has actually been the best avenue for us. We've been using ACV for over a year now and it's been great. We sell 99% of the vehicles that we run."

Joe Scibelli Haddad Dealerships

"I've got like 20-25% of my inventory, monthly, bought on ACV. I love it...it could be a junker, it could be a one hundred thousand dollar car, whatever you're looking for sooner or later you're going to find it."

Mike Rubinchuk Michael's Auto Plaza

"Buying through ACV auctions is much more convenient, and much faser than buying at traditional auctions. I would absolutely prefer to buy through ACV."

Mike Evans Tuf Trucks

"ACV is absolutely perfect for what I'm looking for. I don't have the time or the luxury to go to a live auction, therefore ACV is my sole provider for my inventory here."

Mike Dan Mike Dan Motors

"I find ACV Auctions to be more convenient than the traditional auction. What I enjoy about ACV the most is that I don't have to leave my store."

Ryan Hunter Basil Toyota

"ACV Auctions has taken the heavy lifting out of listing cars online. We can sell cars 24 hours a day, seven days a week. ACV Auctions allows us to sell around the clock."

Ryan Brown Hoselton Auto Mall

"Listing cars on ACV Auctions is very simple. It takes five to ten minutes...Selling a vehicle on ACV auctions is much faster, simpler and quicker than selling to an auction."

Andy Lahti Sales Manager

"ACV is convenient for me because my floor planning bank is directly connected...So if I buy a car, I push a button on my phone and it's done."

Bob Monteneri Monteneri Motors

"I believe the best part of the app and the system for ACV is the alert...it tells you when a new car is coming up."

Raphael Williams Main Stream Motors

"I absolutely, 100%, would recomend it to other dealers."

Dominic Termini Kaplan Auto Brokers

"The greatest benefit for using the app is that we don't have to leave our office. We can stay here and take care of customers."

Todd Hammar Jerry G. Motors

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