Real-time, 20-minute Auctions

Condition Reports.

Our inspectors complete comprehensive condition reports on fresh trade-ins, right at the franchise dealerships. Engine fluid levels, OBD2 scans, paint meter readings, tire tread depths and 30–40 hi-res photos, including details of the undercarriage, let dealers know exactly what they are buying.

20-minute Auction.

Receive real time notifications of wholesale inventory, fresh from the franchise. Bid in $100 increments—or place a proxy bid allowing ACV to automatically bid for you.

ACV Auctions App

Setting Filters.

Your days of endlessly scrolling through hundreds of online listings and wasting time at the auction are over. With ACV you can easily set filters to only receive notifications for vehicles that are relevant to your specific inventory needs. Never have to see an unwanted vehicle again!

Any Time—Anywhere.

Whether you use a desktop, tablet or mobile phone, we've got you covered. Anywhere you go, we go with you. Auction vehicles wherever you are, whenever you want.

Your Dedicated Team

We've Got Your Back.

ACV’s end-to-end services include dedicated territory and account managers whose support maximizes dealer successes. ACV inspectors are deployed directly to franchise dealerships to complete comprehensive condition reports and launch wholesale vehicles to auction.

Condition Reports

Comprehensive Condition Report

Fluids Levels.
OBD2 Scans.
Paint Meter Readings.
Tire Tread Depths.
30-40 Hi-res Photos.

Our inspectors complete comprehensive condition reports on fresh trade-ins right at the franchise dealerships. Dealers know exactly what they are buying.

Payments & Titles

Payments & Titles

Streamlined End-to-end Services.

We work with all major floorplans. The pink slip is released to the buyer when payment is received. Sellers are furnished with a bill of sale, and prepaid tracking to send in the vehicle's title. ACV checks the title, and paperwork for accuracy then forwards it to the buyer. We shorten your to-do list.


HUNDREDSof Titles transferred daily

Transportation Handled

ACV Transportation Services

Take the hassle out of transport and let ACV handle your haul with our ACV Transportation Services.

ACV Auctions USA coverage map

Arbitration Handled the Right Way

More Transparency, Less Arbitration

We pride ourselves on providing a trustworthy and transparent auction experience. But, as with all automotive wholesale purchasing, arbitration is sometimes necessary. So, our approach is to remain fair and consistent. We provide 10 days of arbitration protection at no charge and additional levels of protection for a fee.

10 Day Arbitration Protection


20 Day Extended Arbitration


30 Day Extended Arbitration